You will receive a deep cleanse, a professional peel, treatment serums and moisturizers. The treatment takes 30 minutes.  These treatment are best done in a series after you have had a 1 hour facial and a skin analysis by Melinda. You can repeat these A La Carte Peels every 2 weeks for 4-6 weeks to make drastic improvements in your skin.

Epicuren has created a set of high potency peels to address hyperpigmentation, acne and fine lines. All peels are delivered in a hydrating base. There is no downtime with these peels, and you see an immediate difference in your skin tone, clarity and radiance. We will consult with you about which peel is best for your skin type. We also can custom blend an a peel formula using enzymes and acids to address specific needs. These peels can be done” a la carte”, or added to any facial treatment.

BioLactic Peel:

This product is formulated for clients with sensitive skin. It is ideal for clients who want to achieve the dramatic benefits of glycolic acid, but are sensitive to its properties. This peel contains a high percentage of Lactic Acid, which is much gentler on the skin. After one peel your skin will feel smooth and will have a more even skin tone. For acne prone skin, it will de-congest the pores and reduce problematic areas. After a series of peels, you will see that it reduces the signs of aging and acne scarring.

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel:

A pumpkin and papaya enzyme extract combined with numerous essential oils, and natural extracts to deep clean and help decongest clogged pores. Leaving the skin healthy and vibrant.

Glycolic Peel:

Glycolic acid is a natural skin exfoliant derived from sugar cane that is used on the skin to remove dead skin cells and to deeply clean clogged pores. Our peel uses a 30% concentration to super-effectively refresh dull, tired skin and to produce an energized glow. To keep your skin looking its radiant best, the peel should be repeated every two weeks for a series of 4–6 and then periodically thereafter.

Himalayan Superfruit Peel

The Superfruit Peel is packed with skin refining enzymes. This peel can be custom blended with various levels of Glycolic Acid for a custom treatment that will address fine lines, hyperpigmentation and pore congestion.
Your skin will look and feel amazing after this treatment.